About Katrin Ender

"You must learn to be still in the midst of activity, and vibrantly alive in repose.“ - Indira Gandhi. Filmmaker, Diver, and Yogi Katrin Ender found this being true when travelling the world and expanding her spiritual path in Bali, Thailand, Kenya, Colombia, Iraq, and Germany. Able to connect with people of all backgrounds and speaking global truths, Katrin’s passion is to ignite the spirit and explore the great mysteries life beholds. A gymnast and athlete at a young age and fascinated with the human functional anatomy, Katrin offers dynamic and physically challenging classes that leave you inspired and feeling spacious in your body. Having undergone several abdominal surgeries in the past, Katrin also provides special scar and trauma treatment. One of Katrin's goals is to make a positive difference to people with physical challenges through her yoga teaching. Katrin believes in her healing touch, because “It is the heart that offers, hands pass on what comes from the heart”.

My philosophy

Learning how to be flexible is a mental, spiritual and physical practice. In order to achieve highest flexibility, all elements must go together. When building flexibility you must build strength equally so not to injure yourself on the long run. Being strong and flexible allows you to respond to life situations better, it gives you the heart and strength to go after what you really want and be who you really want to be – no more hiding, pleasing others, or being your half-hearted you – and, you also feel better in a healthier, vital body. Being strong and flexible gives you power and freedom on all levels.