Why Forrest Yoga

“Feel vibrantly alive.”

Why and how

Katrin founded Kilunda Yoga as a means to pass on what healed her. Having suffered from recurring tumors in the lower abdomen and having undergone several abdominal surgeries, she failed to find remedy in western medicine.

“The despair was almost unbearable, but I knew this couldn’t be it.”

So, Katrin engaged in a self-healing path which took her from Qi Gong to T’ai Chi and then to Forrest Yoga.

“The first time I did Forrest Yoga, I felt my body again, especially the scarred areas, internally as well as externally. It was completely unexpected, as I had no faith in anything anymore. During the practice many more areas in my body showed up in conjunction with my injury. It was a tingling sensation, as if life was coming back to those parts of me which had been shut down and traumatized through surgery and the many years of previous neglect that – as I found out later through Forrest Yoga – had contributed to my condition. That was when I knew I had to explore this practice more. It felt very honest, authentic and tangible to me.”

After only 2 Forrest Yoga classes in Hamburg Germany, having come out of my third surgery in 12 months, and with no fitness level close to what she believed was necessary, Katrin signed up for a 4 weeks Forrest Yoga Teacher Training held by Ana T. Forrest in Cape Town South Africa.

“I sweated blood and tears during my first week, not only because the practice was so hard for me at the time, but my emotional body was so strongly touched by it as well. I suddenly saw, felt, and understood the causes of my ill-being, which were a combination of everything, also the way I had been leading my life. But what matters the most, through Forrest Yoga I reconnected with my body, I brought aliveness and spirit back into it, and managed to rid myself of all that was holding me back and sickening me. I found the clarity of mind, the heart, and the strength and courage to change my life. I am now healthy, my body is stronger than ever before, and I lead a life that suits me and honors my spirit. I now make use of all my talents, and I feel people are appreciative of the unique gifts I have to give.”


Kilunda Yoga

Kilunda Yoga teaches Forrest Yoga with the sparkly spirit of “Kilunda”. Kilunda is Katrin’s Kenyan nickname, which was given to her by her Film Production Manager a long time ago in Nairobi. It is also her “wiser self” as she later found out in Forrest Yoga meditation. Kilunda translates to “the Joyful one who loves to dance” and “the Arrow of Love” in Kamba, one of Kenya’s main tribal languages. It perfectly reflects the attitude Katrin brings into her teaching and has towards life.

With Kilunda Yoga, Katrin offers a “sanctuary for holistic existence, playful exploration, and creative expression of self”. It is a safe space where unmet needs are met and healing happens through the strong and powerful practice of Forrest Yoga. A yoga experience with Katrin includes core work, hands-on assists, chanting and music, educational facts, and spiritual and emotional guidance taught with authenticity and integrity.

To honor her African upbringing, Katrin based Kilunda Yoga on the traditional African ethical concept that unites all of Sub-Saharan Africa: “Ubuntu – I am because we all are.”

“A person with Ubuntu is open and available to others, affirming of others, does not feel threatened that others are able and good, for he or she has a proper self-assurance that comes from knowing that he or she belongs in a greater whole and is diminished when others are humiliated or diminished, when others are tortured or oppressed.”
― Desmond Tutu

Kilunda Yoga stands for existing in pride and standing strong within the raw elements of nature. Kilunda Yoga celebrates sensuality, living in joy, and spreading joy into the world.

Additional value

A certified Massage & Wellness Therapist and holder of the Ellen Heed certificate in Functional Anatomy of Yoga and Nutrition, Katrin follows the GAPS Diet and also provides further personal assistance to her students upon request.

Katrin believes that “Nothing in this world can ever be big enough to prevent you from attaining radiant health and following your heart’s calling. I hope that with my yoga teaching, I can reach, inspire, empower, and help many people who somehow have reached rock bottom in their lives to (re-)awaken their senses and (re-)discover the exhilarating joy of being alive.”

Languages & around the world

Katrin speaks fluent German, English, French and Spanish and has basic knowledge of Arabic and Swahili. Katrin currently teaches in English and German, and soon will start teaching in French. She is based in Hamburg, Germany, and works worldwide offering Private classes (One-on-One), Couple classes, Group classes, Corporate classes, Workshops and Retreats.

Connect with Kilunda Yoga’s official facebook page facebook.com/kilundayoga.

© Kilunda, August 2014


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