Spirit of Kilunda

“You have 3 friends: courage, wisdom, and mindfulness.”

– African proverb.

Kilunda is a pearl, a daughter of the sea. She was born in the Indian Ocean, so Kilunda’s surface has been smoothened by the crystal sands of the exhilarating tropical waters. Her face reflects the equatorial sun from underneath a comforting dress made from many colourful stories of the sea.

Kilunda loves to laugh and play. Her laughter is contagious and sounds like seashells and sand that are swirled up from underneath of a breaking wave as sunbathing birds abruptly take off into the sky. She loves making fires on the beach and cooking for her family and friends, including the human ones.

Kilunda is wise and centered. Her feet leave beautiful traces in the sand when she walks her life path with dignity and serenity. Kilunda is gracefully, and fiercefully, the barer of all life.


Some insight on the person in which the Spirit of Kilunda lives in. In other words: my story and my vision and mission.


Falling in Love with life and exploring the mysteries it beholds are one of the most beautiful things to experience. Seeing it happen in others as a result of your actions is the greatest gift to receive.


In Beauty,


Kilundayoga © January 2015


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